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Beach & Restaurant Horeca Staff - Blue Bay Curaçao


We are looking for different candidates to strengthen our horeca team! We are looking for waiters at the beach and in the restaurant and also we are looking for employees in the kitchen. Will you be responsible for taking orders, accepting table reservations and serving guests.

Do you have what we are looking for and do you have affinity with the hospitality industry? Would you like to become part of the Blue Bay Family and work at Blue Bay? Then apply now!

The waiter daily tasks:

Preparation of the service by:

  • Taking care of mise en place, such as preparing tables, preparing cutlery and table linen, etc .;
  • Assisting in the set-up for receptions and parties.

Service by:

  • Receiving and guiding guests;
  • Taking orders and providing information, where necessary consulting the supervisor or the kitchen about special wishes of guests;
  • Passing orders to kitchen or bar;
  • Preparing simple orders yourself (pouring out drinks) if necessary;
  • Delivery and preparation of breakfast;
  • Serving dishes, drinks.

Checkout and accountability work by:

  • Checking, transferring and justifying received funds;
  • Drawing up an invoice and paying with guests;
  • Accepting / noting table reservations, coordinating with supervisor in case of special questions or expected problems with table occupation.

Cleaning and cleaning work by:

  • Cleaning up afterwards;

Beach boy daily tasks:

As a beach boy, you are responsible for all matters around the beach. Beach boy is quite physical work.

The beach boy/ girl is responsible for a tidy and clean beach and its immediate surroundings by:

  • Emptying and cleaning rubbish bins;
  • Raking the beach and sweeping the paths;
  • Keeping the beach beds neatly placed and clean.

Performing general work by:

  • Taking care of small garden maintenance;
  • Taking care of small repairs to the beach beds;
  • Hanging out, checking and/or repairing the lighting on the beach, bar and restaurant;
  • Checking, repairing and reporting malfunctions of the drip system.

Kitchen help daily tasks:

The kitchen help carries out supportive (cleaning, dishwashing, restocking) and preparatory (cutting/portioning products for the mise en place) tasks in the kitchen. Knowledge of basic preparatory kitchen techniques is preferred.

The kitchen help carries out tidying and cleaning tasks by:

  • Unpacking deliveries, assisting with storage;
  • Washing kitchen utensils, cutlery and other dishes;
  • Collecting and disposing of (kitchen) waste.

The kitchen help provides support in the preparation and execution by:

  • Supporting colleagues with preparatory and simple executive tasks;
  • Preparing ( auxiliary) equipment for colleagues;
  • Restocking the kitchen from storage;
  • Preparing products for distribution;
  • Cleaning the work environment.

You make 

Blue Bay Curaçao!

What we'll be looking for:

  • Guest oriented;
  • hospitality minded;
  • Collaboration;
  • Commitment;
  • Representative;
  • Creativity;
  • Reliable / Integrity;
  • Flexibility;
  • Show enthusiasm;

A little history about us

Understandably, many think that the name Blue Bay was chosen because of the striking blue water in the bay. The truth is that this beautiful part of Curaçao was already named ‘Blaauwbaai’ (Blue Bay in Dutch), after Anno Blaauw, the owner at the time. He grew limes, oranges and – to make the name even more appropriate – the blue pigment indigo.

Over the years, the plantation has had its share of different owners. In 1800, it was occupied and plundered by French pirates. In the 20th century, it became the property of the Jacobs family, who used it as a farm. During the Second World War, American soldiers manned cannons at Blue Bay to shoot at German submarines.

The master plan of Blue Bay Resort dates back to 1990, when a local development group purchased the plantation from the Jacobs family and built the first infrastructure. In 1997, developer Steve Raspoort saw the area’s enormous potential. Step by step, he established a thriving resort and golf course. Steve Raspoort passed away in 2007, but his family continued realizing his dream to create a welcoming place where life is enjoyed to the fullest. Blue Bay has since grown to become a household name on Curaçao and in the Caribbean.






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Blue Bay is a young team that has grown to a corporate company. With deluxe office buildings and a great team spirit. Ready to join us?